Legal Advices

We specialized in the provision of legal services and consultations to local and foreign legal entities in all aspects of their economic activity in the country and abroad, namely – taxation, commercial, contractual, bonding, property rights, employment, social securities and administrative.
The broad spectrum of legal services we can provide includes warranty for smooth initiating and successful development of your business. We try to approach your problems with understanding and to offer you a solution, which best suites your needs, taking into account the specifics of the particular case. Client satisfaction is paramount. We study thoroughly each separate problem in the field of your business relations, identifying potential complications, in order to prevent the occurrence of disputes and conflict situations with your partners.

Do you want to start a new business in Bulgaria or expand your existing one, by setting up a new company, subsidiary or merge several companies? Our team will assist you in:

  • Choosing the appropriate legal form.
  • Incorporation and registration of companies with Bulgarian and foreign partners, branches of resident and non-resident merchants in Bulgaria.
  • Incorporation and registration of commercial representations, foundations and non-profit legal entities.
  • Registration of associations between traders – holding, consortium.
  • Transformations of companies - take-over, merger, splitting, spinning off and change of legal form.

Do you already have a registered company in Bulgaria and want to develop your business? Do you need to change the manager or the management address? Do you need to restructure your company’s capital, changing the amount or making non-monetary contribution? Do you need to change partners or their share of the company? Do you want to appoint a procurator or transfer your enterprise? Do you need to publish the company’s annual financial report? Do you need to terminate the company’s activities and liquidate the assets?
We can assist you in the registration of any changes in circumstances regarding your company.

The reception of due and competent legal assistance is of particular importance for each company or each legal non-profit entity with regard to the smooth settlement of relations with partners, clients and suppliers. In order to cover all aspects of your activities and to let you receive the right assistance, when you need it, we are offering current legal servicing for legal entities.  We can assist you in:

  • Preparing of all internal corporate documents – Internal work rules, Internal rules on structure and management of salaries, Instruction on the processing of personal data, Internal rules under Measures Against Money Laundering Act.
  • Drafting general terms, templates or specific contracts, additional agreements, etc.
  • Consultations on conclusion, amendment and termination of individual employment contracts.
  • Drafting employment contracts, additional agreements, job descriptions, protocols and orders of the employer.
  • Assisting in the prevention of labour disputes between employer and employee.
  • Issuance of any certificates by the relevant state and municipal authorities related to the specifics of your business.    
  • Submitting updated information on any changes in Bulgarian legislation.

We offer comprehensive legal services in preparation of various types of contracts, together with their appendices, as well as representation at their conclusion. Our assistance covers:

  • Consultations in connection with the imminent conclusion of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Drafting specific contracts in accordance with client’s preferences – preliminary and final sale-purchase contracts, donations, distribution, consultancy, leasing, advertising, loans, commission, forwarding, mandate, manufacture, as well as agreements, memoranda of understanding and other documents.   
  • Rental contracts, Management and Maintenance agreements.
  • Participation in negotiations for conclusion of contracts.

Legally established employment and social security relations create many problems between the employer and its workers / employees. To avoid employment conflicts, we provide our services:

  • Consultations on conclusion, amendment and termination of individual employment contracts.
  • Imposing disciplinary punishments.
  • Enforcement of financial liability of employees.
  • Consultation on the type and amount of social security contributions in companies.
  • Advising on applicable Social security law at work and moving within European Union.
  • Preparation of documents and issuance of certificates A1.

The dynamic changes in the taxation legislation impose the necessity of being promptly informed and to be able to adapt your business to the novelties within the field of taxation. We are offering security and taxation safety to your enterprise with our services:

  • Standpoints on different taxation cases and on all taxation laws.
  • Taxation planning of corporative and personal taxes.
  • Consultations and efficient taxation solutions with transformations of commercial companies.

The beneficial partnership with a broad circle of external advisors and experts, allows us to offer variety of additional services.
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