Control and Analysis

Modern business practice dictates not only simple posting of transactions made, but also review of correctness of the business operations as well as analysys of the performance, financial statements and their optimization.

To meet the above customers‘ needs, we can perform the following actions:

  • awareness of the client specifics and creating criteria that must meet its reporting system;
  • inspection of the accounting records and confirmation of compliance with the regulations;
  • observance of all statutory accounting, tax and social securities deadlines;
  • legal optimization of financial result;
  • preparation, auditing and certification of annual and interim financial statements;
  • preparation of IFRS financial statements and their analysis;
  • analyses of the dynamics of financial performance, fixed and current assets, receivables, liabilities and capital structure summary analysis of financial ratios;
  • creating custom reports on a given form and criteria;
  • participation in stocktaking and other internal control procedures