Proper accounting, accurate reporting of financial results, and correct taxation of business activity are related to the knowledge and real-life application of a large number of constantly changing and updating legal and tax requirements.

Accounting and taxation are activities where inaccuracies can be found only years later and still be costly, both for the company and the person responsible for them.

We are aware of these and other problems that come with each business and therefore our primary assignment is to offer services that provide security and peace of mind to our customers so that they can concentrate fully on developing his own business.

Our business mission is to protect our customers’ interest by preparing perfect accounting statements and reports accompanied with appropriate tax consultations in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

The confidence and assurance to undertake such liability are due to the continual improvement of our working processes, to the dual outgoing control, the constant training and monitoring of the competences of our accountants and last but not least to our excellent information security and human resources.

We are registered as an administrator of personal data, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. Our policy for the prevention of money laundering has been approved by the State Agency for National Security. We are a partner of Microsoft Corporation and possess professional liability insurance issued by Allianz Bulgaria JSC.