Payroll Services

BAND is a company specialised in providing services for the calculation of wages, salaries and other compensations for hired employees, contractors, and managers, for the administration and management of related processes, and for generating and providing information to clients and public institutions.
Thanks to the highly qualified team of motivated professionals, financial stability, additional know-how provided, and the advanced software solutions, BAND is able to meet the most demanding needs and requirements concerning the quality, speed and confidentiality of the data and services provided.

What we offer to you?

  • Calculation of monthly compensation and social insurance and tax obligations due, including those of contractors and managers, in accordance with applicable law, the type of compensation and the policy of the client’s company.
  • Subsequent generation of files for exportation to external systems and institutions: the National Revenue Agency, the National Social Security Institute, the National Statistical Institute, the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency, commercial banks, etc.
  • Generation of analytical information, reports, payroll ledgers, summaries by cost centre, employer certificates, income certificates, retirement information forms, etc.
  • Printing and personalisation of payslips, office delivery, or electronic transmission.
  • Retrieval of client-specific information and queries that support managerial decision-making.

Other things we can do:

  • Quickly prepare the necessary reports, saving you time, efforts and nerves.
  • File the required documents for you, within the deadline.
  • Perform periodic checks and correct any errors in the software of state institutions.
  • Carefully track all changes in the legislation related to labour and social security.
  • Save you the cost of specialised software, updates and training.
  • Make it possible to preserve confidentiality.



  • Available capability - expert, technical and technological.
  • Modern software with numerous capabilities and maintenance provided.
  • A procedure for double-checking and result verification.
  • Independent external expert opinion, when necessary.
  • Proper compliance with legal and contractual deadlines.
  • More than ten years of professional experience.


  • Our registration as an administrator of personal data under the Law on Personal Data Protection ensures strict confidentiality and secure access to the information.
  • Advance selection, authorisation and definition of access rights for a limited number of persons.
  • Modern software solutions for protection of the exchange of information.
  • Personalisation, packaging and delivery of pay-slips, or
  • Sending copies of monthly pay-slip through a secure private email to the address of each employee.


  • Setting up an effective and profitable service, regardless of the company size, its activity, or the method of defining and payment of wages.
  • Pay options based on the time worked, the quantity produced, distribution of the working time or pay for workers with reduced capacity for work.
  • Mass-payment files.
  • Correction of data for past periods.
  • Provisioning of unpaid and consolidation of used leave.
  • Automated bookkeeping and connection with an accounting software.  


  • Freeing accounting and personnel resources.
  • No need to invest in hardware, software and training.
  • Reduction of the time spent for document submission, including the case of audits.
  • Transfer and minimisation of the risk.
  • Avoidance of problems related to leave or temporary disability of your specialist during the 'wrong' time of the month.